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An incisive expression of creativity and Italian style, this is X-Ide, a brand that marries design and artisan craftsmanship, inspirations of yore and contemporary concepts. Ideas come to life through deeply-felt perceptions of the surrounding area, interpreted in light of the most modern trends. “Our passion is fueled by non-stop curiosity, by a quest for the most elusive details and careful observation,” in the words of the creators.This is how our ideas originate: fascinated by the beauty concealed in every detail. Our vision is to transcend the mundane, distancing ourselves from the conventional. For us, creative thought is to contemplate life as a constantly evolving work of art”. X-IDE is a creative hive where the values of creativity, originality and savoir faire combine, giving rise to a unique alchemy, fueled by the constant quest for excellencWe are led by a talented group of passionate, dedicated individuals who make design, research and Italianness the signature traits of our identity. Our commitment goes beyond the simple act of creationThrough the fusion of aesthetics and functionality, we express the essence of Italian artistry, combining tradition and innovation. Being creative means getting out of the comfort zone of a creative routine and embracing innovation. X-Ide is a brand capable of moving beyond the dominant mental stereotypes.


In X-IDE designs, there are no preconceived notions because the one rule that guides every creation is creative freedom. Inspiration arises spontaneously, it happens in a flash, it lives in the present moment, it is nourished by impressions that originated in any era, interweaving them with contemporary trends.Each style that springs from our hands becomes an authentic work of art. The harmonious fusion of different worlds and cultures, the bold cross-fertilization between shapes and materials and an unconditional passion for beauty are the distinctive traits that pervade our collections”. Creativity, on the cutting edge, and contemporaneity are the words that define the styles in the X-Ide collection and make them an expression of the latest trends. X-Ide’s creative inspiration and color palette are part of its edge. Combinations of metal and acetate bring a playful thrill to unexpected asymmetrical shapes and fronts embellished with metal, available as always, in a wide selection of colors. Styles that are eye-catching at first glance. By tradition, the frames bear the names of great artists. Every idea does not necessarily imply the invention of something new and complex. The most revolutionary ideas are precisely the simplest ones; intuitive flashes able to grasp the crux of a concept with lightning speed. At X-IDE, every creation is the product of a harmonious blending of passion and audacity.

Models come to life from the pencils of our designers. Each model lives its own life.
The combination of different worlds and cultures, the blending of forms and materials, and a passion for beauty: these are the distinctive features of our collections.